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Monday, July 26, 2010

i am::

i am too calm to be shocked

i am too slow to be hectic

i am too tired to be a genius

i am too loud until i didnt hear

i am nothing, hope to be zero

i am done without nothing

i am what is supposed i am

who are you to set me up?

who gives you green light to set me down?

and who are you to regret what i am?

zero to you, one for me.

nothing to loose, nor to share.

you just there, and shut-up!

p/s: untuk orang yang tak menghargai..


  1. ayat ; i am to tired to be genius 2 yang x boleh bla 2. hahah but i like it :D

    wanie x sihat ek.. makan ubat tao. jgn lupa ok :)

  2. But I should thank you for
    Taking my blindfold off now
    I ain't jaded no more, no more
    And I take pride in being the one that said goodbye
    That could only mean I am me, once more
    That could only mean I am me, once more
    That could only mean I am me, once more

    -zee avi:i am me once more-

    saja bagi wani

  3. i am very happy if i am the one tht can make u happy.


  4. kina: xde sape la dear.. =))

    meaz: i'm too tired to answer question by doctors!!! ok2, nnt aku mkn.

    aLy: thanx!!! *hugs jugak!* hihi

    mosyuki: smile not always be happy, but happy always smile.. but i just cant take my smile off!!!

  5. mgkn puisi ini sesuai aku lagukan =)