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Saturday, January 1, 2011


u are too nice to be fooled..
nor u are too shy to be hold..

u are too sweet to be eaten..
nor u are too delicious i couldn't bear..

u're my angle, u're my soul.
u are the deepest sea of my love.

u'd be my tears, u'd draw my smile.
u'll be my ring and i'll carried by.

u pick my heart and clean it up.
u care myself as i'm not growing up.
i do nothing but i does actually.
it just not me, but it's me.


  1. i love the first sentences
    u are too nice to be fooled..someone yang kite syg bagi mse die menjauhkan diri,,huhu

  2. iszieylyanziy: tQ dear.. =)

    anon: me. =)